Bootstrap themes in Ubuntu

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Bootstrap is one of the most widely used templates for creating websites and web applications that adjust to multiple screen resolutions and contain components for typography, forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components, making it a powerful starting point for any website. In this tutorial we will use one of the amazing free themes from [Start Bootstrap]( This Tutorial requires that you have a working web server like Apache or Nginx, to install Apache web server in ubuntu follow the [How to install and configure LAMP stack on Ubuntu]( Tutorial Step 1 Connect to your server as the admin user via SSH.

ssh [email protected]

Step 2
We will cd into the web servers root folder and remove the default page and we will install uzip to decompress the zip file.

cd /var/www/html
sudo rm index.html
apt-get install unzip

Step 3 We will be downloading [Bootstrap]( and decompressing it into /var/www/html for this site I have chosen a bootstrap theme from [Start Bootstrap]( you can choose one that matches your project this will save you some time rather than starting from scratch.

sudo wget
sudo unzip
sudo rm
sudo mv startbootstrap-grayscale-1.0.6/* ../
sudo rm -rf startbootstrap-grayscale-1.0.6

That’s it you now have a beautiful functional site for both desktop and mobile devices, go to the Bootstrap Documentation to learn about all of the Bootstrap components you can use to customize this theme to your needs.

Navigate to your servers IP to view the site