How To Install OpenVPN Access Server on Ubuntu

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In this tutorial, we will learn how to install OpenVPN Access Server on Ubuntu 15.10. OpenVPN Access Server is a Web Interface for the popular OpenVPN open-source software, that provides a set of installation and configuration tools that simplify the deployment of VPN Clients, making the deployed VPN immediately compatible with OpenVPN client software across multiple operating systems.


We will be installing OpenVPN Access Server, and OpenVpn Server.


As always we need to update our packages list and upgrade any available package updates

sudo apt-get -y update && sudo apt-get -y upgrade

The installation is pretty simple, first we download the latest OpenVpn Access Server package from the downloads page


Now we install the package

sudo dpkg -i openvpn-as-2.0.24-Ubuntu14.amd_64.deb

Configuring OpenVPN Access Server Settings

To set the admin password, we run the following command

sudo passwd openvpn

Thats it, we now browse to the admin page, and login using the openvpn user with the password we created before.


If you want the OpenVPN Access the internet you will need to set the External IP address under Server Network Settings


For Your Server to be accessible from the internet make sure to forward the following ports on your router for a guide on how to forward ports for your specific router please visit

We need to forward the following ports TCP ports 443, 943

UDP ports 1194

You can create usernames and passwords for all your users and have them go to your server’s IP, and log in using the credentials that you created and the server will automatically generate a custom preconfigured installer for each user and connect them to the VPN


That’s it enjoy.