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Do you want to contribute to Ubuntu Linux or to the Open-Source Community?

Or, do you want to promote yourself or your website as an Ubuntu Linux Expert?

We have great news.

You can Write For Us.

Send us a quality articles about Ubuntu Linux, Ubuntu Linux How to Tutorials or Ubuntu Linux Tips and Tricks and we will publish the article in our blog

  1. A place to promote yourself as an Ubuntu Linux Expert And Writer
  2. We will feature you’r posts on our blog
  3. You will get Powerful Do Follow Back links to you ‘r website or blog
  4. If your performance is good, you will get your own account in our blog so you can publish and edit your own articles.
  1. Article must be 1000+ Words
  2. Must be 100% Unique.Spinning articles is not allowed
  3. Must be relevant with Ubuntu Linux.
  4. Must Include Proper Images,Videos,Charts etc.
  5. Please include your Email, Location, Website, Facebook Profile, Twitter profile, Small Bio.